INTERFIL TP (ITP) was born in 2017 from the acquisition of the Interfil srl business branch by Torcitura Padana spa which in 2019 also constitutes the company Coex srl. based on the innovative patent to make natural fibers fireproof without the use of chemical additives.

The company offers natural, artificial and synthetic yarns, both raw and dyed.

This wide variety of products is accompanied by creative and innovative factors, numerous titles and compositions ranging from the most valuable to those with the most interesting technological contents on the market.

This is combined with important services such as:

Yarn Professionals

Stock service

Yarn Professionals

Sale of warp yarn-dyed beams


The ITP staff consists of 7 salesmen both nationally and internationally.
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It is a company policy to establish a constant dialogue with the customer in order to address and resolve any problem or simply offer support in choosing the most suitable items based on the intended use of the yarn. Specialized operators take care of regularly checking the quality of materials coming from suppliers. The interaction and comparison with suppliers is continuous for the development of new items or the improvement of the quality of existing products.